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Young musicians visited «Anton Pavlovich»

Young musicians visited «Anton Pavlovich»

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27 November 2023, Mo


  The festival brought to Melikhovo students of senior classes of music schools and children's art schools from Moscow, Kaluga, Podolsk, Chekhov and other cities of the Moscow region. Many of them are laureates of district, regional and international competitions. They performed masterpieces of classics: S. Rachmaninov, F. Liszt, S. Prokofiev, E. Doga and others. Flute, guitar, singing violin, accordion and piano sounded. Vivid performances of solo performers were followed by music ensembles - the piano ensemble of Chekhovskaya  Children's School of Arts (Oksinsky branch) and the ensemble of bayanists of the Children's School of Arts from Kaluga.

The host of the evening, Yuri Golyshev, Honoured Artist of Russia, actor of the Melikhovsky Theatre, warmly welcomed the guests of the museum, who were united by music.

The idea of the children's festival "Visiting Anton Pavlovich" was born as a continuation of Chekhov's musical traditions, because Anton Pavlovich loved music very much. Children come to Melikhovo with pleasure! To plunge into the cosy atmosphere of the estate, to communicate with their peers and to shine with their achievements.

- This is not the first time I have participated in the festival, I always look forward to seeing Melikhov, there is a marvellous atmosphere here that inspires me," said Marina Sterelyukhina, a participant of the festival, who performed a piece by S. Rachmaninoff on the piano.

- Today is a wonderful holiday - Mother's Day, so I played on the accordion the piece "Letter to Mother" by V. Lipatov arranged by V. Gerasimov. Our ensemble of accordionists from Kaluga is a repeated participant of this festival and other museum events. It was a great pride for us to perform at the gala concert on A.P. Chekhov's birthday," said Darya Katsero.

It is noteworthy that the festival in Melikhov has never had competitive nominations. This time too, each participant received a diploma and a gift from the museum - a book and a souvenir.

The children were given a guided tour of the museum's expositions, had a pleasant tea party and a gift from Yuri Golyshev, Honoured Artist of Russia, master of the art word - reading of A.P. Chekhov's stories.

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