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General provisions

1. Children's music festival "Visiting Anton Pavlovich" (hereinafter referred to as the Festival), held once a year on the last Sunday of November, by the State Autonomous Cultural Institution of the Moscow Region "State Literary Memorial Museum-Reserve of A.P. Chekhov “Melikhovo” (hereinafter referred to as the Institution), in accordance with the Plan of Events carried out by the Institution.
2. These regulations determine the organizational model of the Festival, the procedure for participation in the event and the requirements for participants.
3. The founder of the Festival, which carries out general management of the process of organizing and conducting the Festival, is the A.P. Chekhov Museum-Reserve “Melikhovo” (hereinafter referred to as the Founder).
4. Information about the Festival is posted on the official website of the Institution chekhovmuseum.com
5. For the purpose of preparing and holding the Festival, an organizing committee is created (hereinafter referred to as the Organizing Committee).
The Organizing Committee of the Festival is formed from the number of museum employees, representatives of sponsors, and heads of music educational institutions. The Organizing Committee of the Festival manages the preparatory and final stages:
— accepting applications for participation in the Festival;
— distribution of information about the Festival;
— organization and of the Festival;
— formation of a report on the results of the Festival.

Goals and tasks of the Festival

1. The goals of the Festival are the promotion and formation of the spiritual culture of the student’s personality through the mastery and performance of the best examples of classical and contemporary art
2. Objectives of the Festival:
— search, development and support of young talented performers;
— increasing interest in the study of classical music among young performers in the field of instrumental and vocal art;
— revival of the best traditions, education of the artistic taste of young artists;
— strengthening professional cultural ties between creative groups and performers of creative groups in the general education system;
— popularization of children's musical creativity and propaganda of the achievements of creative groups;
— attracting the attention of musical organizations to talented children;
— exchange of creative experience and strengthening friendly relations between participants from different regions of Russia.

Festival content

Festival directions:
— vocal and choral: academic vocals, pop vocals, folk ensembles
— instrumental performance: ensembles, instrumental soloists

Participants of the Festival and conditions of participation in the Festival

1. To participate in the Festival before November 18 you must send an application
2. Participants in the Festival can be both individual performers and groups (no more than 6 people), students of high school music schools, children's art schools in the class of vocals, piano, strings, winds and folk instruments.
3. Festival participants present one work at their own discretion. The duration of the piece is no more than 4 (four) minutes.
4. When a piece is performed by instrumental soloists and ensembles, the presence of accompanists is mandatory.
5. The festival does not have competitive nominations
6. Festival participants must comply with all the conditions of these Regulations.
7. The festival is non-commercial in nature and an open event in form. Participation in the Festival is free.

Awards for participants

1. For all participants of the Festival a Participant Diploma is provided
which is awarded at the end of the Festival or is sent to the participant’s email address specified when submitting the application.
2. Teaching staff who prepared the participants are awarded Letters of Gratitude.

Festival location

The festival is held at:
142326, Moscow region, g.o. Chekhov, village Melikhovo, Museum-Reserve of A.P. Chekhov “Melikhovo”.
Registration of participants:
Beginning of the festival
from 10:00
Contact information:
+7 499 941 03 13
+7 905 781 29 10
+ 909 622 95 18
Grosul Lyubov Nikolaevna
Email address:

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