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About the theater


Theater, – this is history

The Melikhovo theater "Chekhov Studio has settled down in the estate of the great Russian writer and playwright near Moscow since 2006. The Anton Chekhov Museum-Reserve "Melikhovo" successfully combines its primary activities with the artistic performances of a professional theater. This is the only instance of such creative cooperation in Russia.

The founding fathers of such a theater in the museum where: the director and teacher Vladimir Baicher and the former Director General of the museum-reserve Konstantin Bobkov. The bright talented and professional team at the theater is composed of graduates from some of the best theatrical universities in the country.

 Theater, - this is Chekhov

«And the Theater has never performed anyone so perfectly, nor has it comprehended anyone's artistic ideas so fully and deeply and conveyed them with such beauty as (plays by) Chekhov»
Nikolai E.Efros*, 1915.

The main part of the performances staged by the Melikhovo theater is based on the works by Anton Chekhov. It immerses the viewer into the world of the author’s creation.

Theater, - this is a distinct identity

Every spring and summer, the Chekhov Studio Theatre turns into an outdoor theatre! The characters from Chekhov's plays come alive in the unique landscapes of Melikhovo.... a wing, a lake, a croquet field… During the legendary performances of the theater, such as “Chekhov.The Seagull" and "Uncle Vanya", as well as many other performances, one can sense the aura of presence of Chekhov himself.  This is perceived not only by the audience, but also by the actors themselves.

Theater, - this is for children

«For children, you need to play the same way as for adults, but only even better»
Konstantin S.Stanislavsky

Especially for our young viewers, the Chekhov Studio space transforms into a space for imagination… Together with the heroes of their favorite fairy tales, adventure stories and short stories by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, Hans Christian Andersen, Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin,  Alexander Nikolaevich Afanasyev, Anthony Pogorelsky, Leonid Andreev, children broaden the mind, learn to make choices, sympathize and support their favorite characters, thus being directly involved in the action. All this makes the performances a real theatrical celebration for children and their parents!

Theater, - this is an experiment

There are more than 20 plays in our theater's repertoire, based on the works of Russian and universal classics. The world of Chekhov, Bunin, Dostoevsky and Dovlatov is revealed to the audience...

 The Chekhov Studio stages various performances: ranging from classical plays to modern plastique productions.

Theater, - this is our festivals

The Chekhov Studio Theater is the winner of the highest awards of Russian and International festivals, such as: "Golden Knight", "Lipetsk Theatrical Meetings", "In the homeland of Anton P. Chekhov", "Autumn in Dolgoprudny", etc.

Chekhov Studio's guest performances covered the whole territory of Russia — from Brest to Sakhalin, as well as some countries of Europe and Asia.

The annual International Theater Festival "Melikhovskaya Vesna" (“Melikhovo Spring”, a.k.a. “Spring in Melikhovo”) has been traditionally welcoming guests as a host for many years.  Our theater has devoted fans in Russia as well as abroad.

Theater, - this is an opportunity

The theater is the most elusive of all the arts... The performance is a living organism, constantly evolving and changing… Go to the theater! You will have a unique opportunity in a short time to imagine yourself as the main character of the play, thus living your own life.

Translator’s notes:

* Nikolai E. Efros, was a Russian theater critic, journalist, editor, screenwriter and playwright, film critic, translator, theater historian.

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