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General Provisions

1. The festival "Chekhov's Dachshunds" (hereinafter referred to as the Festival) is held once a year on the first Saturday of September by the State Autonomous Cultural Institution of the Moscow Region "State Literary and Memorial Museum-Reserve of A. P. Chekhov "Melikhovo" (hereinafter referred to as the Institution).P. Chekhov's State Literary Memorial Museum-Reserve "Melikhovo" (hereinafter referred to as the Institution), in accordance with the Plan of events held by the Institution.
2. These Regulations define the organisational model of the Festival, the procedure for participation in the event and requirements for participants.
3. The founder of the Festival, which carries out general management of the process of organisation and holding of the Festival, is A.P.Chekhov's Museum-Reserve "Melikhovo" (hereinafter referred to as the Founder).
4. Information about the Festival is placed on the official website of the Institution chekhovmuseum.com
5. The Organising Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Organising Committee) is created for the purpose of preparation and holding of the Festival.
The Organising Committee of the Festival is formed from the staff of the Museum and representatives of sponsors. The Festival Organising Committee manages the preparatory and final stages:
- acceptance of applications for participation in the Festival;
- distribution of information about the Festival;
- organisation and holding of the Festival;
- formation of the report on the results of the Festival.

Цели и задачи Фестиваля

1. Popularisation of humane, responsible attitude towards pets
2. Exchange of experience between dog breeders
3. Opportunity for dachshund lovers to learn more about the breed
4. Popularisation of the dachshund

Content of the festival

1. The Festival is for dachshunds of all kinds and sizes.
2. Shelters for four-legged friends, as well as veterinary centres, grooming centres for dogs can take part in the Festival.

Festival participants and conditions of participation in the Festival

1. For participation in the Festival till August it is necessary to send an application form
2. Festival participants must have a veterinary passport with marks about vaccinations. Only clinically healthy dogs are accepted for participation.
3. The participants give their consent to free use of all photo and video materials with their participation, taken during the Festival, including their distribution, duplication and transfer to third parties.
4. The Festival does not have competitive nominations
5. Festival participants must comply with all conditions of these Regulations.
6. Participation in the Festival is free of charge, there is no organisational fee.

Rewarding the participants

For all participants of the Festival there is a Diploma of the Participant, which is awarded at the end of the Festival or sent to the participant's e-mail address indicated at the application submission.

Venue of the Festival

The festival is held at the address:
142326, Moscow region, Chekhov town,  Melikhovo village, A.P. Chekhov's Museum-Reserve "Melikhovo".
Registration of participants:
Start of the festival
from 10:00
Contact information:
+7 499 941 03 13
+7 905 781 29 10
E-mail address:

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