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Zemstvo primary school in Melikhovo village

Zemstvo primary school in Melikhovo village
The Melikhovo years were a time of active and varied social activities of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. In addition to his gratuitous work to combat the cholera epidemic, medical care for the local population, organizing the creation of a postal and telegraph office in Lopasna and much more, he built three schools in 7 Melikhovo years, about which he wrote with a sense of accomplishment that they were “considered exemplary.” . Chekhov's schools resembled a manor's house: high (ceiling height 3.5 meters), with large windows, spacious and cozy. Constructed from high-quality materials, worked conscientiously by local carpenters, these wooden buildings have survived to this day in good condition, or rather two of them - Novoselkovskaya and Melikhovo. Chekhov was the first to build a school in Talezh. But in the 30s, by decision of local authorities, it was dismantled and transported to Lopasnya.
The Novoselkovskaya and Melikhovo schools worked for their intended purpose until the 1970s, and after closure they were transferred to the A.P. Museum-Reserve. Chekhov in Melikhovo.
At the Melikhovo school, museum visitors can see the restored furnishings of the teacher’s classroom and apartment, as well as get acquainted with the history of the Melikhovo school, pages from the lives of teachers and students, learn about what and how children were taught in primary rural schools (that’s what the primary rural schools were officially called) .
Modern multimedia equipment will allow you to hear stories told by an old Melikhovo teacher and try yourself in the role of a student of the Melikhovo school of the early 20th century.