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«Night of the Arts» - 2023

«Night of the Arts» - 2023

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04 November 2023, Sa


  The traditional annual Night of Arts event was held in all Russian regions. This year its events were timed to coincide with People's Unity Day and were held under the motto "Russia Unites". Museums and theatres, exhibition and concert halls, libraries and cultural clubs held various thematic events. A.P. Chekhov's museum-reserve "Melikhovo" also offered its guests an interesting programme. It is pleasant that the event already has its fans and active participants who come to Melikhovo every year.

When dusk came, the guests of the museum plunged into the atmosphere of mystery and went on an informative walk "Autumn Melikhovo", where they learned how the Chekhovs spent autumn days in the estate, how they made preparations for winter, what they did to entertain their numerous guests.

It was possible to look "behind the rope" and learn about interesting exhibits  at the meeting "The Story of a Masterpiece". Here interesting stories about museum finds and unusual exhibits were told. In the main house of the manor house there were excursions where you could learn many details about the life of the Chekhov family.

Music lovers met in the music lounge, where S.V. Rachmaninoff's works performed by Anastasia Aksyuchits and Lev Zheleznyakov, laureates of All-Russian and international competitions, were performed. The highlight of the evening was a concert programme "Chekhov's Motives" by Yulia Ziganshina, Honoured Artist of Tatarstan, which included 19th century romances that are listened to, sung, sung, sung and recalled by the heroes of Chekhov's works. The audience listened to a number of once popular, but today almost forgotten, romances.

In the Ambulatory the guests were presented with a new excursion-interactive programme "Antoni and Chekhov's Medicine", within the framework of which the participants learned about the writer's medical activity, took part in a quiz where they recalled literary heroes from Chekhov's works about medicine.

Thus, a cold grey night turned into a bright holiday filled with bright emotions and new discoveries.

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