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Historical drawing room at the «Lopasnya-Zachatievskoye» Estate Museum

Historical drawing room at the «Lopasnya-Zachatievskoye» Estate Museum

Date added:

14 November 2023, Tu


  The museum "Lopasnya-Zachatievskoye Estate" held a meeting in the "Historical Lounge".

Ekaterina Yuryevna Emelyanova, a researcher at the State Historical Museum, revealed interesting facts about the novel Eugene Onegin, which holds so many secrets and mysteries for the reader. This year is the 200th anniversary of the writing and publication of the novel in verse.

This meeting was dedicated to the protagonist: "Onegin is my good mate" - historical fates of Pushkin's generation".

Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin describes his time in such detail that we are involuntarily immersed in that world and see many similarities with our present day and today's generation.  In the novel, like in an encyclopaedia, we get information about the fashion of the early 19th century, about education, the lives of people of different classes, their intentions, desires, and occupations.  "Eugene Onegin" is the most difficult work of the great poet to understand. Despite its apparent ease and simplicity, it requires explanations, and in this we are helped to understand it by Ekaterina Yuryevna Emelyanova, a connoisseur of history and an excellent storyteller.

New meetings in the History Lounge will also be devoted to the study of this novel:

2 December -  "Tatiana's Lovely Ideal" - a woman of Pushkin's time

16 December - "The Dal of the Free Novel": - the author, in his "supremely vernacular work"

It starts at 2pm.

We look forward to seeing you at the museum!

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