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P.S. «Don't get tired of doing good!»

P.S. «Don't get tired of doing good!»

Date added:

16 December 2023, Sa


A little girl from Chekhov was bought a strolling wheelchair, the funds for which were raised at a charity marathon in Melikhov.

A.P. Chekhov Memorial Day has become a day of charity at the museum. The writer's estate annually hosts the Charity Literary and Musical Marathon "Don't Tire of Doing Good!", the main goal of which is to help a child!

This year, Ulyana Davydova, a small resident of Chekhov Urban District, received help. The girl was in urgent need of a wheelchair, as she loves to walk with her family and visit new places. Previously, such walks were not easy for the family: Ulyana's pram was not very comfortable - the girl sat in it unevenly, which caused deformities and pain in her legs.

Thanks to the participants of the Marathon and with the support of Moscow Credit Bank (Chekhovsky branch), Podolskaya Business Group of VTB Bank (Chekhovsky additional office) and the National Foundation for Support of Rights Holders, a new pram was bought for Ulya. With this pram, Ulya will be able to be outdoors more often, attend events and go for medical check-ups. This year's Marathon was organised by the Dom s Beacon Foundation.

We would like to remind you that on 15 July 2023 the literary and musical marathon "Don't get tired of doing good!" covered several venues of the museum. Especially for this day the museum prepared a programme under the motto "Marathon of inspiring stories". The day included concerts, lectures, master classes, a performance by the PLOT theatre workshop, and a fair of products created by people with disabilities.

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