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Christmas tree in the estate

Christmas tree in the estate

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23 December 2023, Sa


  New Year's celebrations have begun at the Lopasnya-Zachatievskoye Estate Museum. The halls and Christmas trees are decorated, presents are collected, and the museum fairies are welcoming guests!

The children played various games together with Santa Claus and lit the Christmas tree... in the crested hall of the manor house. But the magic disappeared somewhere!

Cat Scientist came to visit, he and Baba Yaga gave the children valuable advice on how to save the holiday!

In search of clues the children visited the room of fairy tales of A.S. Pushkin, where the "magic lantern" showed them "The Tale of Tsar Saltan....".

They played puselas and sea games with the Goldfish and the Vodian. The nanny and Monsieur Alexander helped them to make Christmas tree toys.
Having fulfilled the tasks of fairy tale characters, the young guests were transported to the fairy tale "About a Fisherman and a Fish" and took part in an interactive performance! The magic returned, the Christmas tree lit up the lights and ... the children received long-awaited presents!

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