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They'll have a fun holiday week in Melikhovo!

They'll have a fun holiday week in Melikhovo!

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08 January 2024, Mo


From 10 to 21 January at the A.P. Chekhov's Museum-Reserve "Melikhovo" will be held an interactive programme "Every soul is happy to celebrate the holiday" 6+.

It was after the magical feast of Christmas that Christmas Eve began - the most merry time of the year. Girls and boys were fortune-telling, tried on the images of gypsies, bears, hares, goats and went around the houses singing and caroling.

The guests of the programme will learn about these and other festive activities and will be able to take part in them. We will be fortune-telling, caroling, talking about Russian traditions... And we will also remember the tradition of getting together at the table for a cup of tea.

The programme is available by appointment by phone: 8(499) 941-03-13.

Audience: school groups, families with children, children's companies.

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