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2024 is the Pushkin Family Jubilee Year

2024 is the Pushkin Family Jubilee Year

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15 February 2024, Th


 This year, 2024, the world cultural community celebrates the 225th anniversary of the birth of S.A. Pushkin.

The history of the Lopasnya-Zachatievskoye estate, which now houses the museum, is closely connected with the descendants of the poet. In the middle of the 19th century, the Lopasnya estate became the ancestral home of Alexander Pushkin's children and grandchildren.

On 30 August 1881, Maria Alexandrovna Pushkin, the granddaughter of the poet, married Nikolai Vladimirovich Bykov, the nephew of N.V. Gogol, in the estate's Anno-Zachatievsky church. The marriage between Pushkin's granddaughter and Gogol's nephew was a happy one. Ten children were born and brought up in the friendly family.

Descendants of these surnames live in many countries of the world. Currently, Alexander Alexandrovich Pushkin, the poet's great-grandson, and Maria Alexandrovna Pushkin - Durnovo, the heiress of the two families, live in Brussels.   Their wedding took place on 12 January 1969. This year they celebrate their 55th anniversary of life together.

Alexander Alexandrovich Pushkin and his wife visited the Lopasna estate twice. They gave the museum family relics that carry the memory of generations:

  • Pocket watch. Late XIX century. Switzerland. The firm "j. Calame Robert. Gold, metal, enamel, glass. The watch belonged to A.A. Pushkin, the poet's son.
  • Sketch of the life of A.A. Pushkin. 1936. Brussels. Paper. Manuscript. Sketch of the life and service of the poet's son, A.A. Pushkin, was compiled by his son from his second marriage, N.A. Pushkin.
  • Pince-nez. 1900s. Belgium. Metal, glass. Belonged to the poet's grandson N.A. Pushkin.
  • Drawing with a view of a manor house by a pond. 1900s Russia(?). Originates from the archive of N.A. Pushkin, the poet's grandson. Family legend links this image to the Lopasnya-Zachatievskoye estate.

It's the poet's anniversary year, and the "Pushkin Family" celebrates personal, beautiful dates - 100 years since the Pushkins settled in Belgium, 75 years since they first met, and more than half a century of union since their wedding.

The manor house, by right, is now a museum, but it always waits for Alexander Alexandrovich and Maria Alexandrovna as the most dear and desired people! We heartily congratulate them on their Jubilees!

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