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Amateur ornithology, or how to contribute to citizen science

Amateur ornithology, or how to contribute to citizen science

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17 February 2024, Sa


  Birdwatcher, member of the Russian Geographical Society, member of the Russian Bird Conservation Union Mikhail Dyorov held a meeting-lecture "Amateur ornithology, or how to contribute to citizen science". Passionate naturalists-researchers who observe birds, take photos, enter information about birds into special databases, as well as those who only plan to engage in amateur ornithology met in Melikhov. The participants of the event were able to learn first-hand all the peculiarities of bird monitoring and the peculiarities of ornithologist's research.

Nowadays, many thematic resources containing important information about birds have been created. The volumes of bird content today are large: communities, special sites, identification books, mobile applications, guides, etc. The most popular among bird watchers: the site of the Russian Bird Conservation Union, the database "Online diaries of observations", the platform Inaturalist.org, the programme "Birds of Moscow and Moscow Region", the Telegram channel "Winter. Birds of Moscow and Moscow Region" Telegram channel, etc.

Mikhail Dyorov introduced the museum guests to many subtleties of ornithology: what reference books should be used, how to fill in ornithologists' diaries, what mobile applications and websites are worthy of attention. The work on studying and popularising ornithology has a huge contribution to the preservation of our common ecosystem, planet Earth.

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