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Meeting with philocartist Evgeny Novikov

Meeting with philocartist Evgeny Novikov

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16 March 2024, Sa


Did you know that March 25 is Post Card Day in Russia?

The day before, on Saturday March 23 at 14:00, Museum of Letters of A.P. Chekhov invites everyone to a meeting with philocartist Evgeniy Novikov.

The museum is currently hosting an exhibition of postcards from his collection. Evgeniy will talk about the most interesting of the exhibits on display, how they came to him, and the history of their famous senders and recipients. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to trace the century and a half history of Russian postcards - from the very first postal forms to modern postcards with augmented reality and drawn by artificial intelligence.

Meeting participants will also see postcards made from unusual materials: wood, fabric, with sound mechanisms, with real rapeseed flowers and coal samples.

Additional information by phone: 8 (496) 725-27-99

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