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An exhibition of artists from Chekhov opened at the Lopasnya-Zachatievskoye Estate Museum

An exhibition of artists from Chekhov opened at the Lopasnya-Zachatievskoye Estate Museum

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26 March 2024, Tu


On March 16, Local History Day, an exhibition of artists from the city of Chekhov opened, dedicated to the 225th anniversary of the birth of A.S. Pushkin.

The exhibition presents 39 works by Chekhov artists - participants in Moscow, personal, regional, all-Russian and international exhibitions: S.G. Onipenko, N.V. Davydova, E.A. Istratova, E. Kulichevskaya, V.V. Boychuk, T.A. Babakova, N.V. Ofitserova, Yu.V. Khochan, S.M. Kolesnik, A.Yu. Averyanova.

The museum's guests were greeted by director G.N. Timoshkova, and artists N.V. gave a tour of the exhibition. Davydov and S.G. Onipenko. They presented their works, talked about the creative process of creating estate plots, its difficulties and inspiration.

One of the sections of the exhibition is dedicated to local historian Alexei Mikhailovich Prokin, who would have turned 100 years old on April 2.

The exhibition displays a picturesque portrait of A.M. Prokina artist I.P. Shuvalov, written by him in the 80s of the twentieth century. Visitors got acquainted with rare photographs and books on the history of the Lopasnensky region, written by A.M. Prokin.

Alexey Mikhailovich loved his Small Motherland, worked in the archives, described in his works the ancient, pre-revolutionary and Soviet history of Lopasnya, preserved the memory of the Lopasny estate of the Vasilchikov-Goncharovs, the stay of the descendants of A.S. Pushkin, took care of the creation of a museum in the noble house of the Vasilchikov-Goncharovs. The books he wrote today are valuable material on the history of the Lopasna region.

Contemporary Chekhov artists, relying on the knowledge and experience of Lopasnya local historians and refracting the estate landscape views of the park and historical architecture through their own artistic vision, presented in their creative works the multifaceted image of the Lopasnya-Zachatievskoye estate through paint.

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