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Local History Day at the Lopasnya-Zachatievskoe Estate Museum

Local History Day at the Lopasnya-Zachatievskoe Estate Museum

Date added:

26 March 2024, Tu


The year 2024 for residents of the Lopasnensky region is rich in anniversaries: the 225th anniversary of the birth of A.S. Pushkin, 70 years of the formation of the city of Chekhov and 100 years since the birth of the famous Chekhov local historian, Honorary Citizen of the city, historian, reader - A.M. Prokin.
The program of this day was intense: a performance by the chamber music ensemble “Art-Classic” under the direction of R.M. Lazimov, a presentation of the book “Living Memory”, a meeting with students and colleagues of A.M. Prokin, films about the Lopasna land and about the teacher - A.M.Prokine.
All works performed by the Art Classic ensemble and two charming Elenas - Korotkova and Kamenskaya - were marked with thunderous applause!
The head of the Orthodox Journalists Club, Natalya Motina, presented the book “Living Memory”, dedicated to the Lopasna residents, participants in the Great Patriotic War.
Films dedicated to the historian, local historian, teacher - A.M. Prokin and the history of the city of Chekhov aroused great interest among the audience.

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