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Flying squads «liberated» Lopasnya from the French

Flying squads «liberated» Lopasnya from the French

Date added:

29 September 2023, Fr


Military-historical game “flying squads of Prince N.D. Kudashev”, developed by the staff of the Lopasnya-Zachatievskoye Estate Museum based on local history material, has been completed. According to tradition, preparatory classes were held in April-May. This year, 14 teams fr om urban districts expressed a desire to participate in the game: Podolsk, Serpukhov and Chekhov.

On September 28 of this year, 10 squads took to the start, the rest left the race for good reasons.

Before the start of the game, the commanders of the flying squads reported to M.I. Kutuzov about their readiness for combat operations. The field marshal's adjutant read out the order about the start of hostilities, about wh ere and what maneuvers needed to be performed. Having received packages with tasks, the squads moved to their positions. Each detachment “liberated” 10 villages and captured “prisoners.” The participants demonstrated their knowledge of the history of the Patriotic War of 1812, and most importantly, the history of the actions of the Kudashevo detachments on the territory of Lopasnya.

For the second year, employees of the Chekhov “Center for Military Tactical Games” have been participating in organizing the game. One of the stages is practical shooting. This year the partisans managed to master laser tag.

There were some curious incidents among the flying detachments when performing their main tasks: obtaining the enemy’s flag, provisions, fodder, etc. The partisans seemed to be deliberately trying to carry out someone else’s task. They had to put everything back in place, read the clues more carefully and complete the task.

This year, the units prepared more thoroughly for “guerrilla warfare.” The game was dedicated to the memorable date - 210 years since the death of Major General N.D. Kudasheva. The guys did a good job with local history material.

The challenge cup, which was kept by the “Cossacks” of SP-2 of the Chekhov Technical School for a whole year, was won by the “Headquarters Doctors” - MOMK No. 1 (Meshchera branch)

“Kudashevsky Watch” took second place.

Secondary school squad No. 35 from Podolsk took part in the game for the first time and became a winner! Keep it up!

III place – “Cadets” from Lyceum No. 4 in Chekhov.

Certificates “for their efforts and diligence” and prizes were received by:

“Bashkirs” - Secondary School No. 3, Chekhov
“Jagers” - Manushkinskaya Secondary School
“Cossacks” - SP-2 (Chekhov College)
"POLK" - Chekhov branch of the Moscow Faculty of Law,
“Kharitonov’s Cossacks” - Kryukovskaya Secondary School
“Hussars” - Secondary School No. 1, Chekhov
“Pavlograd Hussars” - SP-4 (Chekhov College)
 In addition to prizes, the winners and runners-up received an award from the “Center for Military Tactical Games” - certificates for free Laser Tag games.

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