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Chekhov's Dachshunds

Chekhov's Dachshunds

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03 September 2023, Su


In the Moscow region museum-reserve A.P. Chekhov "Melikhovo" hosted the cutest festival of the season - "Chekhov's Dachshunds". On this day, it is not only possible, but also necessary, to go to the museum with dogs, but only dachshunds.

Charming dogs and their owners came to Melikhovo fr om different cities of the Moscow region, as well as from Moscow, Tula, Yaroslavl, Sevastopol - more than 130 dachshunds took part in the festival this year.

“The organizers noted that the number of participants increases every year; we tried to make more venues so that every guest could find an event to their liking, both for those who came with a dachshund and for those who came without their four-legged pet.”

The festival program was fun and varied - pets and their owners communicated, got to know each other, participated in fun competitions and quizzes, visited the fair and simply walked around the museum-reserve.
The main event of the day was the fashion show, wh ere the four-legged guests of the festival demonstrated their modeling skills and unusual outfits, and sometimes it was a pair performance (together with the owner), or even a family performance.

Everyone could help dogs who were not yet lucky enough to meet their human - the Shaggy Soul shelter had a stand at the festival. Here you could financially help the shelter, sign up as a volunteer and find yourself a four-legged friend.

Those who arrived without a pet were not bored either. Young guests took part in the “Man’s Best Friend” master class, learned how to make “air dogs” from bright balloons and received a lot of positive emotions during the soap bubble show.

Adult guests took part in the “Dog Stories” quiz, drank tea, enjoyed the autumn views of the estate and at the fair purchased funny souvenirs in the form of dachshunds: brooches, keychains, gingerbread cookies, wallets, etc.

The festival “Chekhov’s Dachshunds” has been taking place in Melikhovo for 17 years. The tradition of collecting this particular breed here was born thanks to Anton Pavlovich Chekhov himself, who was very fond of dachshunds - he had two of them. On the territory there is a sculptural composition dedicated to Brom Isaevich and Hina Markovna - that’s what the writer called his dogs.

The event was held with the information support of the social network for dog lovers “AIDA WALK” https://aidagulya.rf/

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