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Autumn season in Melikhov

Autumn season in Melikhov

Date added:

26 August 2023, Sa


Autumn is a beautiful season, enchanting with its beautiful nature. This wonderful season is no reason to mope. Let's try to look at autumn in a new way together! The museum offers you various interesting events, you can take them on a note, organise them with your family and friends, or make it a small tradition in the future.

When it's cold outside, it's a good time to get acquainted with theatre performances, or maybe to watch your favourite plays once again. Melikhovsky theatre "Chekhov Studio" opens the autumn theatre season with one of the new performances "After Chekhov" - a poignant story based on the play by Asya Datnova, opens the veil of mystery of Chekhov's relationship with the main women of his life. Every Saturday, on the theatre stage in Melikhov, you can see plays based on the works of A.P. Chekhov, I.A. Bunin, A. Gelman, S. Dovlatov and others. And every Sunday - performances for young theatre lovers.

In September there will be the cutest festival "Chekhov's Dachshunds" and a new fragrant event - Coffee Day.  And also every Sunday of the first month of autumn there will be a new museum and theatre programme "Marriage: pro et contra".

And in October the museum is preparing an interesting musical programme with a tea party dedicated to the Teacher's Day.

Another way to colour autumn is to arrange an autumn photo session with the whole family. Dress warmly, take with you a bright plaid, a thermos...A pile of autumn leaves, blue sky and bright colours will leave an unforgettable trace not only on the photo, but also in your soul.

In November the Night of Art will be held, this year it is the last opportunity to visit the museum at night. Unhurried walks, beautiful music, a performance - all this creates a romantic mood.

And talented talents will gather at the children's music festival "Visiting Anton Pavlovich". All participants will have an opportunity to meet in a warm and friendly atmosphere and show their creative achievements.

The museum has prepared a varied programme of events: concerts, performances, festivals, interactive programmes... And you can also go on an independent journey around the museum, armed with a map-guidebook, or book a tour and learn a lot about the life and work of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov.

We hope to see you soon! Happy autumn!

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