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Enrollment is open for the children's theater studio «Melikhovo»

Enrollment is open for the children's theater studio «Melikhovo»

Date added:

22 August 2023, Tu


 Dear friends! On September 4 the children's theatre studio "Melikhovo" starts a new theatre season! And we are looking forward to meeting our students!

If you are not with us yet, but want to discover the world of theatre, try yourself on stage, make new friends, we are waiting for you on September 4 for a trial class in your age group.

The theatre studio curriculum includes:

Acting classes: children will get acquainted with the basic concepts of acting, learn what is Stanislavsky's system, what is an etude, as well as many different acting trainings aimed at the development of attention, imagination, creative thinking. Play analysis, rehearsals, production and show of plays.

Classes on stage speech: at these classes beautiful and competent speech is worked on and produced, skills of working on the text are learnt. Children work on breathing, diction, voice, correct pronunciation.

Scenic movement classes: Scenic movement classes help to liberate the child, achieve muscular freedom, develop his/her physical qualities and reveal social skills when performing tasks with other children. develop plastic expression, coordination and sense of rhythm. The children learn to move smoothly, to master their bodies well, to express emotions through dance. Also on lessons children will study manners of XVIII-XIX centuries. Etiquette.

Vocal basics: Vocal classes will develop students' voice, ear, sense of rhythm, and vocal performance skills.

Classes are held on Mondays and Wednesdays by age group:

-          Junior Group: 7-9 years, (17:00-18:00)
-             Middle Group: 10-12 years (18:00-19:30)
-            Senior group: 13-17 years (19:30-21:00)
-              Amateur Actors Group: 18+ (classes take place on Tuesdays from 19:00-21:00)

To register for a trial lesson you need to send to What`s up 8-964-509-85-03

1.        Child's name, age and school number;
2.         Name of accompanying parent

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