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Registration for the festival «Chekhov’s Dachshunds» is open

Registration for the festival «Chekhov’s Dachshunds» is open

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03 August 2023, Th


 On 3 September, the 17th All-Russian Festival "Chekhov's Dachshunds" will take place at the A.P. Chekhov's Melikhovo Museum-Reserve. This is the most unusual festival held in the Moscow region, it unites all fans of this hunting breed. Behind the funny appearance of dachshunds, there is a great physical strength, intelligence, optimism and loyal heart. The guests and participants will enjoy exciting sports activities, soap bubble show, master classes, raffles, photo sessions, meetings with cynologists and advice from the best training centres. An obligatory part of the programme is a fashion show competition for the participating dogs.

Dachshunds were brought to Russia at the end of the 19th century, so Chekhov became one of the first owners of this breed. Two dachshunds lived in Melikhov - Hina and Brom, given to Anton Pavlovich by Nikolai Leikin, the publisher of the magazine "Oskolki". Observing their characters, the writer noted:   "The dachshunds Brom and Hina are alive. The first one is agile and flexible, polite and sensitive, the second one is clumsy, fat, lazy and sly...".

The festival is held with the informational support of the social network for dog lovers "AIDA GULUT". They will soon launch a cool mobile app that will help owners save the lives of their four-legged friends and make their lives happier. Subscribe to the channel (https://t.me/walkdogru) to find out about the launch of AIDA WALK and to read useful articles about raising dogs and first aid for tails in emergency situations.

Visitors with pets must complete registration. It is valid after purchasing a ticket for the event.

For more information call: 8-905-781-29-10.

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