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Memorial Day of Alexander Alexandrovich Pushkin

Memorial Day of Alexander Alexandrovich Pushkin

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25 July 2023, Tu


On 23 July, the staff of the Lopasnya-Zachatievskoye Estate honoured the memory of Alexander Alexandrovich, Alexander Pushkin's eldest son.

On 23 July 1914, the "red-haired favourite Sashka" was at the estate of his second wife Maria Alexandrovna, née Pavlova.

According to family legend, he put on a uniform, sat down at the table and wrote a petition to the Emperor asking to enlist him in the active army. The general was 81 years old. He did not have a chance to serve the Fatherland any more, in the evening of the same day he died. Contrary to his will, Alexander Alexandrovich was buried in the village of Marygino, Tula province, Kashira district, in the estate of his wife.

60 years ago, on 23 July 1963, A.A. Pushkin's will was fulfilled - his ashes were reburied according to his will. Since then A.A. Pushkin has been resting in Chekhov (former village of Lopasnya) at the left end of the Anno-Zachatievsky church, next to the grave of his first and favourite wife Sophia Alexandrovna Pushkina.

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