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Charity literary and musical marathon «Don't get tired of doing good!»

Charity literary and musical marathon «Don't get tired of doing good!»

Date added:

15 July 2023, Sa


A.P. Chekhov Memorial Day became a day of charity at the museum. The writer's estate hosted a charity literary and musical marathon "Don't get tired of doing good!

Anton Pavlovich was actively involved in charity, helping was a natural need of his soul.

Continuing Chekhov's traditions, the Melikhov Marathon is held annually with the main goal of helping a child! This year, Ulyana Davydova, a small resident of the Chekhov Urban District, will receive help. All the funds collected during the Marathon will be used to buy a wheelchair. This year's Marathon was organised by the Dom s Beacon Charitable Foundation and supported by the Moscow Credit Bank (Chekhovskoye branch), the Podolskaya Business Group of VTB Bank (Chekhovskoye additional office) and the National Foundation for Support of Rights Holders.

Especially for this day, the museum prepared a programme under the motto "Marathon of Inspiring Stories".

As part of the Marathon, the performance "Alice. The feeling of reading" by the Theatre Workshop "PLOT". Some of the artists are people with disabilities. Those whom we used to consider "special" are actually the same as us, with the same aspirations, desires and interests. Igor Kurylyov, director and head of the PLOT studio, told about its activities, actors and achievements.

A meeting with spiritual music was presented by the male choir of the Ascension David's Desert "Derzhava", artists of the Melikhovsky theatre "Chekhov Studio" presented recitation works based on the works of Anton Chekhov, a famous florist-designer Elena Nikolaeva held a master class "Therapy with flowers", musical numbers were presented by artists of Moskontsert.

About the man who revived Chekhov's Melikhovo, about the front-line soldier, artist and writer, director of the A.P. Chekhov's Melikhovo Museum-Reserve from 1952 to 1987, Yuri Konstantinovich Avdey Avdey from 1952 to 1987. Yuri Konstantinovich Avdeev was told by his daughter, journalist and literary critic Olga Avdeeva.

Ruslan Kolovsky, Advisor to the Head of Chekhov City District on work with the disabled, and Paralympic athletes spoke about the peculiarities of working with people with disabilities.

A fair of products created by people with disabilities was organised.

Interesting lots were raffled off at the auction: a painting of a Melikhovsky landscape by artist Maria Podueva, an umbrella of the brand "I am hit" from the collection "Wear your history. Chekhov" and Melikhov bingo.

But the most important thing is that all together we were able to do a good deed and help someone who really needed it! Thank you to everyone who came to Melikhovo that day and made their contribution!

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