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The Chekhov Museum «Melikhovo» will hold a Charity Marathon for the seventh time to help seriously ill children

The Chekhov Museum «Melikhovo» will hold a Charity Marathon for the seventh time to help seriously ill children

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05 July 2023, We


On 15 July the Chekhov's Melikhovo Museum-Reserve will host a charity literary and musical marathon "Don't Tire of Doing Good!" The marathon continues Chekhov's traditions of charity and for several years in a row has been raising funds to help seriously ill children.

The event is held at the museum every summer, traditionally on 15 July on the Anton Chekhov Memorial Day. The writer did a lot of good deeds that still live today: he was actively engaged in charity, gave free medical treatment, fought the cholera epidemic, built schools, sent hundreds of books for libraries, patronised, helping teachers and students. In fact, did as the hero of his story "Gooseberry" said: "Do not be complacent, do not let yourself be put to sleep! As long as you are young, strong, vigorous, do not get tired of doing good!"

Continuing Chekhov traditions, the museum has been running a charity marathon since 2017. Its main objective is to provide material assistance to families with children with disabilities living in the Chekhov urban district.

Anastasia Zhuravleva, General Director of Anton Chekhov's Melikhovo Museum-Reserve:
The continuation of Chekhov's traditions is an important component of the life of the Melikhovo Museum-Reserve and its daily activities. For the writer and doctor Anton Pavlovich, helping people in need, no matter what it was, was both "a need of the soul" and "a condition of personal happiness". Not abstract, not verbose, but "quiet", concrete and timely. We are very happy that the marathon has new partners and participants, and that there are people who come to the museum every year on this day specifically to take part in the marathon programme and make their contribution to our common cause.

This year, all the funds raised during the marathon will be used to help Ulyana Davydova from Chekhov to buy a wheelchair. Ulyana is 13 years old and due to a disease that has accompanied her since birth, she cannot move around independently.

The operator of this year's Marathon was the charitable foundation Dom s Beacon. "Since 2013, i.e. for 10 years, Dom s Beacon has been helping seriously ill children and young adults under 30 living in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Fundraising for Ulyana Davydova on the website of the House with a Lighthouse Foundation is already open, anyone can make a contribution https://mayak.help/news/otkryvaem-sbor-sredstv-dlya-davydovoj-ulyany/.

Funds raised in excess of the required amount will be used to help other children who are wards of the foundation.

By joining our efforts, we have more opportunities to help those who are in great need. Besides, we have a wonderful reference point - Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, who managed to do so many good deeds during his life. We hope that his example will inspire everyone who has the opportunity to lend a helping hand to another person.

To take part in the marathon, you need to send an SMS with the text "Melikhovo to children" with any amount - for example, "Melikhovo to children 200" - to the number 1200. Also on the Foundation's website you can transfer a donation on the collection page for Ulyana Davydova in any way convenient for you.

The marathon will culminate with a special programme at A.P. Chekhov's Melikhovo Museum-Reserve on 15 July. Charity auctions, a fair that will present products created by people with disabilities, meetings with Paralympic athletes, a master class "Therapy with Flowers", bookcrossing, performances by the inclusive theatre workshop "Plot" and the male choir of the Ascension David's Desert "Derzhava", as well as other events await the guests of the museum. Funds from the sale of tickets to the Melikhovo Museum on this day will also contribute to the general charity collection.

This year's marathon "Don't Get Tired of Doing Good!" is also supported by Moscow Credit Bank (Chekhovsky branch), the Podolskaya Business Group of VTB Bank (Chekhovsky additional office), and the National Fund for Support of Rights Holders.

Fundraising is open and will run up to 15 July 2023 inclusive.

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