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Bright colors and delicious aromas: the «Peony Mania» festival was held in Melikhovo

Bright colors and delicious aromas: the «Peony Mania» festival was held in Melikhovo

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17 June 2023, Sa


The new festival "Pionomania" was held at the Chekhov's Melikhovo Museum-Reserve.

Planting, building, creating, growing - this was Anton Pavlovich's element... He was a passionate gardener, very fond of flowers. At the Chekhovs, in Melikhovo, every summer bloomed exuberantly varieties of peonies. "Peonies all bloom," - noted in his diary the writer's father, more than other flowers loved peonies. That's why they decided to hold such a flower festival in Melikhov. The organisers of the festival noted: "The museum is changing, so new events are being added to the already traditional ones, revealing different aspects of Anton Pavlovich's life. We hope that this festival will become traditional and more large-scale!".

A real feast of peonies of all colours and sizes was presented by the nursery "Pionnik", it presented various varieties of this flower, from the earliest to late-blooming, old varieties and fashionable novelties of domestic and foreign selection, and also gave valuable advice on how to care for them. And the famous florist Elena Nikolaeva and her pupil Lyudmila Grunina created real masterpieces of flowers in the form of original bouquets.

A.P. Chekhov always dressed according to fashion, he loved and knew how to choose elegant, even extravagant things, so the fashion show became one of the main "highlights" of the event. A new collection of clothes was presented by the brand "I am hit", the collection had two themes: "Chekhov" and "Peonies". Stylish mackintoshes and umbrellas with images of heroes of Chekhov's works, bright prints in the form of flowers came to the liking of visitors of the event. "Very beautiful, unusual collection. I would like to see something like this more often. How great that in the museum, you can become a spectator of a fashion show. We came as a big company, bought tickets on the "Pushkin card" and on our own example we were convinced that the museum is not boring!", - Victoria shared her impressions.

In one of his letters Anton Pavlovich would write: "... I buy expensive ties and perfume myself with Vera-Violetta. Several Russian firms produced such perfume with the fragrance of Parma violets. Was very popular Russian perfumery products in the late XIX - early XX century.  Russian perfumers were awarded top prizes at world trade and industrial exhibitions, and Russian perfumes and colognes successfully competed with European ones. The employees of the boutique of author's perfumery told about this and many other things and presented a line of modern fragrances.

Beautiful music performed by A.A. Alyabyev's string quartet sounded in the garden, on the open stage Melikhovsky theatre delighted guests with productions based on A.P. Chekhov's works. The master class on interior painting was held by Irina Popovich, a member of the International Association "Union of Designers". The paintings turned out to be original and will definitely decorate the home interiors of the participants.

The Melikhov festival of colours, fragrances and fashion turned out to be very creative and inspiring!

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