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«Games are positively necessary...»

«Games are positively necessary...»

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03 June 2023, Sa


A.P. Chekhov in one of his letters aptly noted the necessity of games in modern life.

Play is not just important - it is necessary for a child's development. So it is worth treating a playing child as a scientist conducting an important scientific experiment or a constructor building a device according to blueprints. By playing, children learn about the world. Yes, and adults should sometimes switch off fr om serious business and play. The Melikhov museum helped its guests in this, for one day turning its territory into a large playground. Despite the vagaries of the weather, the holiday took place!

On the main platform of the holiday there was an animation programme, wh ere young guests got acquainted with the history of games, and also could take part in a dance master class and learn to play spoons.

With the "Living Museum of Folk Arts" they played ancient games, with the museum of puzzles they searched for the right solution to unusual problems, together with needlewomen they made "Dressy Karkusha" and "Playful Bunny". The Moscow Museum of Animation revealed the secrets of cartoon creation and helped the participants of the masterclass to create their own cartoon about the popular red dog "Kashtanka".

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