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A children's holiday «Games are positively necessary...» will be held in Melikhovo.

A children's holiday «Games are positively necessary...» will be held in Melikhovo.

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23 May 2023, Tu


On 3 June, the A.P. Chekhov's Museum-Reserve "Melikhovo" will host a children's holiday "Games are positively necessary...". This line fr om Chekhov's letter aptly sums up the necessity of games in modern life, especially when the whole family can play!

A game is a very special kind of pastime, a very important and in its own way magical. It, almost like a fairy tale, transports a person to a special space outside of his daily business and ordinary time.

The museum offers to break away from reality and go to the marvellous world of games. On this day the whole manor will become a big game space. On different platforms you will find: puzzles, board and mobile games, master-classes and much more.

On the main platform of the holiday will be held animation programme, wh ere young guests will learn about the history of the emergence of games, as well as be able to participate in a dance master class and learn to play spoons.

We will teach to play dough! Children love it, grandfathers have not forgotten it! This is one of the most favourite folk pastimes, which owes its origin to modern dice.

At the master-classes, under the guidance of needleworkers, it will be possible to make "Dressy Karkusha" and "Playful Bunny".

In the experimental cartoon workshop of the Moscow Museum of Animation everyone can try their hand at this magical, labour-intensive, historically obvious, organically penetrating into other kinds of art and all spheres of human life, truly mystical process!

Time: 13.00-16.00

You can choose a ticket according to your taste, taking into account the venues you want to visit!

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