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Night at the estate

Night at the estate

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22 May 2023, Mo


On 20 May, as part of the all-Russian "Night of Museums", the Lopasnya-Zachatievskoye Estate Museum hosted a classical music concert. In the ballroom of the manor house sounded "Music of Pushkin's time" performed by the laureates of international competitions Grigory Katz (cello) and A. Goryeva (piano). The audience received the musicians very warmly, the one and a half hour concert was held in one breath.

The city residents were very interested in the master class "And the ballroom wind blows with the warmth of fragrant opahalas...". Under the guidance of experienced dancers of the Amateur Historical Dance Society "Reverance" from Stupino, the guests learnt the movements of new dances. Almost everyone managed to comply with the dress code for the event. The participants of the master class were so engrossed in dancing that there was no time left for the game "Flirt of Colours". As there were many people who wanted to attend the masterclass again, we decided that next time the meeting will start with an introduction to the games that were popular at balls.

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