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The opening of the XXIII International Theater Festival «Melikhovo Spring» took place in Melikhovo

The opening of the XXIII International Theater Festival «Melikhovo Spring» took place in Melikhovo

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20 May 2023, Sa


On 19 May, the opening of the XXIII International Theatre Festival "Melikhovo Spring" took place on a new stage at Anton Chekhov's estate "Melikhovo".

The year 2023 is a year of cooperation and cross-dates for the Melikhovo Museum-Reserve and the Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre. The museum and the theatre have a lot in common and, first of all, the figure of the great writer and his work. That is why this year's opening of the Melikhov Spring was special.

For the first time in Melikhov, the Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre presented its "Landscape Theatre" - a project designed to go beyond the usual stage space.

"Landscape theatre" is a short outdoor performance created by the theatre specifically for a certain location. This time such a production was prepared especially for the Melikhovo estate. The action unfolded not only on the stage, but also in the auditorium, so that the audience themselves became its participants.

An obligatory moment of the "Landscape Theatre" is the installation of a verst pole with two plates. One indicates the distance from this point to the Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre, the other - the distance to the local theatre. Such a pole appeared in "Melikhov". It shows the distance to the theatre of Melikhov's "Chekhov Studio", which will present its performance at the festival on 20 May.

Also at the opening the new artistic director of the festival "Melikhov Spring" was presented. Konstantin Khabensky became the Artistic Director of the Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre.

Together with the artistic director, the festival was opened by Vasily Kuznetsov, Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Moscow Region, and Anastasia Zhuravleva, General Director of the Melikhovo Museum-Reserve.

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