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III land art project «Reading Chekhov»

III land art project «Reading Chekhov»

Date added:

16 May 2023, Tu


From 10 to 16 May, the III Land Art Project "Reading Chekhov" took place on the territory of A.P. Chekhov's Museum-Reserve "Melikhovo". Compositions from natural materials were created by florists from Moscow, Perm, Voronezh and Rostov-on-Don.

All the works have a close relationship with Anton Pavlovich's work, the masters of land-art were inspired by Chekhov's play "The Seagull" and the theatre component of Melikhov, they were able to create objects and successfully fit them into the museum space.

The headliners of the project, under whose guidance the florists-designers worked, were the masters: Elena Nikolaeva and Artem Khristolyubov. As Elena Sterkhova, Deputy Director for Development, emphasised: "This is the third time such a project has been held in Melikhov and the choice of our venue is not accidental, many creative people have noted the amazing atmosphere that gives a boost and new ideas. Today land-art projects are a fashionable trend, objects created by masters attract attention of visitors and become favourite places for photo sessions".

Visitors of the Museum-Reserve will be able to appreciate the works of real masters of land-art from 16 May.

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