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Summer theater season in Melikhovo

Summer theater season in Melikhovo

Date added:

04 May 2023, Th


Summer is the season of holidays and interesting travels. A time that is ideal for visiting parks, gardens and open-air museums. And if you still haven't prepared for your holiday and are wondering where to spend your warm days? The answer is obvious! Head with a cheerful group to A.P. Chekhov's museum-reserve "Melikhovo". Here guests are always welcome and ready to offer a lot of interesting things! The summer theatre season in Melikhovo is in full swing. Going to the theatre with the whole family is a great tradition!

During the summer season the Melikhov Theatre will present more than 30 performances for adults and children, many of which will be Open-Air.

The plays "Uncle Vanya", "Psychopaths", "Barynya", "Shots and Kisses" are played on an open-air platform, in "live sets", where the actors are not limited by the space of the stage.

"Chekhov. The Seagull" is a promenade performance, the spectator moves around the estate, because each action of the play is played out in a new place (pond, outbuilding, croquet field, "Theatre Yard").

Children's performances can be combined with museum master classes and educational programmes.

Tickets are on sale now, choose an event and plan an interesting holiday!

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