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Day of the Moscow estate in Lopasnya

Day of the Moscow estate in Lopasnya

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25 April 2023, Tu


On 22 April, the Lopasnya-Zachatievskoye Estate hosted events dedicated to the Day of the Moscow Region Estate.

This year a concert was organised for guests and residents. Laureates of international contests, soloists of Moskontsert Nadezhda Makarova and Alexander Blok dedicated their programme to the Moscow Region manor houses. Romances and musical works of the 19th century sounded in the hall of a Moscow Region manor with amazing acoustics. The audience received the artists very warmly. There was a wonderful atmosphere in the hall, filled with warmth and wonderful music.

After the concert, a thematic excursion "The House: a ceremonial portrait on the background of the era" was organised. The guests learnt about the architecture of the main Vasilchikov-Goncharov manor house.

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