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«Feathered weekend» in Melikhovo

«Feathered weekend» in Melikhovo

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31 March 2023, Fr


On International Bird Day, the Melikhov Museum held events dedicated to this event.

One could get acquainted with the birds of the museum-reserve during an ornithological walk around the estate. Professional bird watchers told that Melikhovo is a home for a whole range of birds. Some of them come here during winter migrations, others appear in the sky above the territory of the museum and the village only during spring or autumn flights, others live in the neighbouring forests and visit Melikhovo fr om time to time, usually in search of food. But there are also those species of birds that live on the territory of the museum and in the village, breeding here during the nesting period or spending the whole year on the estate territory.

Those who dream of watching birds professionally took part in the master class "How to become a birdwatcher?". Experienced specialists shared the subtleties and secrets of this hobby.

The Chekhovs often observed birds. In the letters of this period, in the diary of Pavel Yegorovich - the writer's father - now and then there were notes about starlings, grackles, skylarks, owls, tits, migrating cranes. Birds were loved and welcomed at the writer's estate; every year the Chekhovs hung new birdhouses on the trees, fixed them on the roof of the main house, and in the garden there was always a feeder full of treats for the birds even in spring. The guests learnt about this and much more at the thematic excursion "How Anton Pavlovich and Pavel Egorovich Chekhovs watched birds...".

Young bird lovers visited the interactive programme "Little Bird", wh ere they learned what the Red Book is, what the "bird menu" is, learned to guess the voices of birds and make a bird out of syntepon and fabric.

The day ended with summarising the results of the competition of birdhouses and bird feeders. The contest was attended by: Social House "Danki", pupils of preschool department "Rosinka" (Serpukhov), staff of Radio 1, pupils of Preschool School No. 2, staff of radio "Comet", museum staff and others.

Congratulations to the winners: Tatyana and Zlatoslava Afanasyevs!

We would like to thank our partners CS Ball for the gifts provided.

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