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Melikhovo Theater continues the social campaign «Good Friend»

Melikhovo Theater continues the social campaign «Good Friend»

Date added:

15 March 2023, We


The beginning of this action was laid in 2019, the artists visited orphanages with performances. The meeting with the theatre gave a lot of positive emotions to the little spectators. In March this year, after the final removal of all restrictions on visits, the museum theatre will continue its participation in the action.

Rustem Fesak, Artistic Director of the Melikhovsky Theatre, stressed the importance of such an action: "Our theatre always gladly takes part in the social action "Good Friend". Thanks to this undertaking, children in difficult life situations got an opportunity to get acquainted with the world of theatre. It is extremely important that our performances do not just entertain, but introduce them to art, which will help them to understand this difficult world and teach them to think".

The theatre was the first to visit the Family Centre for Family and Children (Novy Byt village) and gave the young spectators a meeting with a fairy tale. The children were treated to a funny and instructive play "In a Fairy Kingdom". Children laughed and helped the king to bring up a capricious princess, solved funny charades and gave tips on how to get out of difficult circumstances. And after the performance they could talk to the actors and share their impressions!

The arrival of the theatre for children is a real holiday and an important event! The beginning has been made! In the near future, the actors plan to visit children's institutions in Chekhov and Podolsk.

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