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The Melikhovo Theater is preparing a premiere!

The Melikhovo Theater is preparing a premiere!

Date added:

04 March 2023, Sa


On 15 and 16 April there will be premiere shows of a children's play based on the fairy tale story "The Black Hen, or the Underground Dwellers" by Antoni Pogorelsky.

The plot is based on the image of two worlds presented through the eyes of a child: real and fantastic. This is what the play's director Nikita Belyaev emphasised.

In the world we live in, the rules are always strictly known. But by what laws do the inhabitants of magical worlds exist? The audience will learn about it from the story of the main character - the boy Alyosha and the inhabitants of the fairy-tale underground state. Through a journey into the magical world, the actors of the Chekhov Studio Theatre will tell children about what honour, dignity and kindness are.

The audience will be waiting for bright costumes and scenery, active action and beautiful music. This is a good reason for a family trip to the theatre!

15 April at 17.00

16 April at 12.00

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