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Maslenitsa in Melikhovo

Maslenitsa in Melikhovo

Date added:

25 February 2023, Sa


The whole week the museum hosted Shrovetide interactive programmes for children, and the big celebration took place in Melikhov on Saturday, 25 February.

Traditionally, the holiday was attended by families and friendly companies. The winter farewell turned out to be bright, cheerful and cheerful! Cossack songs sounded on the main site, games and relay races were held, round dances were led, and good young men conquered the Shrovetide pole, the strongest and most skilful went home with valuable gifts.

It was possible to remember ancient games, learn about the varieties of folk clothes, create a Shrovetide souvenir, paint a wooden bird at numerous master classes and interactive programmes.

One could enjoy music at the concert "Towards Spring", learn about Shrovetide traditions in the kitchen wing and about the life of Chekhov's family in the writer's house.

The Melikhov theatre delighted with funny dramatisations, the exhibition "Others" told about the history of photography.

Craftsmen amazed with their assortment at the fair of folk crafts.

The holiday ended with the burning of an effigy of Shrovetide. Go away, cold winter! Hello, red spring!

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