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Family New Year's Eve

Family New Year's Eve

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03 January 2023, Tu


A New Year's Eve party was held at A.P. Chekhov's Melikhovo Museum-Reserve. Despite the vagaries of the weather, guests came with their whole families to take part in the New Year's events. The whole programme was dedicated to Russian traditions. It was possible to feel the atmosphere of Old Russian songs and dances with the ensemble "Sovechera", and also to take part in winter games and amusements.

At the master classes "Doll on a spoon" and "Toy from bald" it was possible to make wonderful amulets, because a doll in Russia was considered a symbol of prosperity in the house, and the horse symbolised movement and sunlight. At the interactive programme "Echoes of the old past" guests saw household items of the 19th century and learned about cooking. 19th century, and also learnt the culinary secrets of that time.

Everyone was delighted by the performance of actress, folk puppeteer Tatyana Chunakova with the programme "Petrushkin's Balagan". The Melikhov theatre "Chekhov Studio" presented dramatisations based on A.P. Chekhov's works, and music lovers were invited to the concert "New Year's Vernissage".

The most inquisitive visited the museum's expositions and an exhibition devoted to women's photographic portraits.

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