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Dmitry Pchela

Director, actor

Dmitry Pchela
The Russian Theatre of Estonia (Vene teatre) ~ 2006-2008

William Shakespeare ~ As you like it, ~ as Orlando, directed by T. Sobolev

Pierre Choderlos de Laclos ~ Dangerous liaisons , ~ as the Chevalier Danceny, directed by M. Chumachenko

A. Volodin ~ Do not part with your beloved ones ,~ as Kozlov, directed by V. Ryzhakov

K. Tarantino ~ Reservoir Dogs, ~ as Mr. Blue ,directed by A. Trifonova

Brian Friel ~ Dancing at Lughnasa/ Dancing at the feast of harvest, ~ as Jerry, directed by M. Feygin

D. Lipskerov ~ The River on paving asphalt, ~ as Richard, directed by A. Potuzhny

Anton Chekhov ~ Ward No. 6, ~ as Patient No. 1, directed by A. Anokhin

and others.

From 2009 he acted parts in plays based on works by:

Anton Chekhov ~ The Duel, ~ as Laevsky, directed by V. Bicer

Anton Chekhov ~ Dacha/Country theatre Antosha Chekhonte, directed by T. Voronina

Productions at the Melikhovsky Theater "CHEKHOV STUDIO"

To the cinema

Katya's love, directed by D. Goldman

as Yevgeny Trukhanov, the lead role, 2011-2012

Unloved woman, directed by A. Nasybulin

as Nikita Fomin, the lead role, 2012

A ticket for two, directed by V. Balkashinov

as Sergey Kuznetsov, the lead role, 2013

Closed time loop, directed by Yuri Ilyin

as the Prince Noworutzky, 2013

Trust me, directed by P. Drozdov

as Igor ,2014

A Redneck, directed by V. Ustyugov

as Nicholay, 2014

Give my love back, directed by E. Baranov

as Anton Karagod, the lead role, 2014

It's just the beginning, directed by D. Kuzmin

s Alexey, the lead role, 2015

In her stead, directed by A. Karelin

as Anatoly Korolev, the lead role, 2015

A Department, directed by V. Nakhabtsev

as Kharlamov, 2015


The Moscow Art Theater School named after Vl. I Nemirovich-Danchenko, the acting Department, 2006, the course I. Zolotovitskiy.

The Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute, the directing Department, 2013, the course of L. Heifetz


  • A winner of the international festival "Theatre Meetings in Lipetsk " in nomination category of "For Best Supporting Actor" (2012). The Melikhovo Theatre "Chekhov Studio" "Dacha/Summer Theatre of Antosha Chekhonte"

  • Grand Prix of the festival “Autumn Dolgoprudny ”, the performance A Nature Reserve ~ as a Director, 2013

  • Festival “Golden Knight” ~ the Bronze knight award for the performance A Nature Reserve ~ as a Director, 2014