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Baskakov Artyom


Baskakov Artyom

Director and director of the Youth Art Theater of Ulan-Ude

Productions at the Melikhovsky Theater "CHEKHOV STUDIO"



graduated from the General Stage Management Department (Theatre Director Dep) of the State Institute of Theatre Arts (GITIS) (the Russian University of Theatre Arts between 2011 and 2015), a workshop of Professor L. E. Heifetz, 2004 to 2009.

pedagogy (director, teacher)

Theatre Studio of Irina Feofanova (Moscow 2010-2011)

Traineeship for dramatic actors (Three Sisters by A. P. Chekhov) (Strasbourg, France, 2011, 2012).

Summer theatre school in Melikhovo (Seminar of A. Shapiro on the bases of Three Sisters by A. P. Chekhov) (Melikhovo, 2012).

The drama school "Benefits" (“Benefit performance”), Moscow, 2013.

XXI Century Integration International Secondary School (Moscow, 2012-2013.) ~ as a teacher in the class of "Drama" (theatrical skill)

Participation in laboratories and projects

"Baikal-the Mediterranean" (The Youth Art Theatre, Ulan-Ude), 2010.

"Space of stage direction" (The Perm Academic Theatre "Theatre-Theatre", Perm), 2011.

STD RF (the Union of Theatre Workers of the Russian Federation) ~ "New Theatre Reality" (Theatre Center "Na Strastnom", Zvenigorod-Moscow), 2012.

"ARTERIA" (The Russian Drama Theatre, Ulan-Ude), 2012.

Theatrical anthology "Love" (The Meyerhold Theatre Centre, Moscow), 2012.

"A conversation on equal terms" (Perm Youth Theater, Perm), 2012.

The project "The Theatrical perspective» where children with disabilities to assert their rights (the branch, or the second stage, of the Maly Theatre in 2012. The Moscow Pushkin Drama Theatre, 2013). Moscow

Reading through modern plays. Was in charge of organization, management and presentation of readings (The Youth Art Theatre, Ulan-Ude), 2014.

"Laboratory of Mindaugas Karbauskis" (Mayakovsky DramaTheater, Moscow), 2014.


White Nights (memories of a dreamer) by Fyodor Dostoyevsky (The Youth Theatre of Ulan-Ude), 2008.

Captains of the Sands directed by E. Savransky ans Y. Volchanskiy, based on the novel by Jorge Amado (The Odessa Academic Russian Dramatic Theatre named), 2010.

Psychopaths based on the stories by Anton Chekhov (Melikhovo Theatre "Chekhov Studio", Melikhovo), 2010.

Irons (drama) by A. Jablonskaya (Theatre Center "Na Strastnom", Moscow) 2012.

Orchestra "Titanic" (a tragicomic show) by Hristo Boychev (The Russian Drama Theater, Ulan-Ude), 2012

Kalyamalya (Scratchy drawing) ~ a journey into drawings) by S. Dorozhko (The Youth Theatre "Angazhement", Tyumen), 2012.

The Neighbors by Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin (radio-play). Radio Russia, Moscow, 2012.

Now you're God again (school talk) by A. Duus (TUZ ~ Young Spectator's Theatre, Perm) 2012.

Multimedia show on the Arbat Street initiated by the Scriabin Memorial Museum “It is done! I go now..." ~ as the project " Night at the Museum", Moscow, 2013.

The Thirst (a mystical thriller) by D. Bazarov and A. Klyuev (The Moscow Pushkin Drama Theatre) Moscow, 2013.

The Star Child based on the tale by Oscar Wilde (The Russian Drama Theater, Ulan-Ude), 2013.

The Cold Heart by Wilhelm Hauff (TUZ ~ Young Spectator's Theatre, Perm), 2014.