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Price for shooting services

Filming taking place on the territory of the Museum for the creation of commercial photo, video and film products, including documentaries and feature films, television programs and television series, entertainment programs, music videos, commercials, photography for printed publications of an entertaining nature, etc., are considered commercial and are carried out under an agreement with an advance payment.

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We consider requests from both individuals and legal entities. For each application, a decision is made on the feasibility and feasibility of filming. The museum has the right to refuse filming without explanation.

To obtain permission to film, please submit a request in advance. The period for consideration of the application and preparation of the contract is from 10 to 30 working days. In the case of filing an application within a shorter period, we do  We guarantee the possibility of coordinating the shooting on the desired date.

Please send an application completed in accordance with these rules - this way we can help you faster:

  • letterhead of your organization
  • seal and signature of the manager
  • application addressed to: General Director of the Museum-Reserve A.P. Chekhova "Melikhovo" Zhuravleva Anastasia Anatolyevna
  • brief information about the studio
  • content of the plot and justification for the need for filming on the territory of the Museum
  • location: A.P. Museum-Reserve Chekhov's "Melikhovo"
  • locations
  • estimated shooting date and number of hours
  • contact phone number of the producer
  • list of equipment
  • composition of the film crew (preliminary list of names of all participants)
  • need to provide parking
  • the need for filming with guides, animals or birds

Address for sending an application: razv@chekhovmuseum.com

The cost of commercial filming depends on the goals and time of the event. To conclude an agreement, a legal entity must provide the following documents:

  • organization card
  • order on appointment of a manager

All documents are provided in copies certified by the signature of an authorized person (manager or person acting under a power of attorney). If the agreement is signed by a power of attorney, a copy of the power of attorney is required.

List of documents from individuals:

  • passport (series, number, when and by whom it was issued, date and place of birth, registration)

Features of filming:

  • organization of filming of feature films in interiors is allowed in exceptional cases
  • filming of feature films is carried out on Mondays, because... on on this day all exhibitions of the Museum are closed and filming does not interfere with the main activities of the Museum
  • a prerequisite for filming is the implementation of precautionary measures aimed at ensuring the safety of museum premises and objects, compliance with fire safety rules, environmental legislation (during filming on the street), as well as maintaining cleanliness. in case  damage or destruction of museum interiors, objects or landscape, the studio compensates for damage in the amount announced by the expert commission.
  • all filming is carried out accompanied by an employee who has the right to suspend or prohibit filming (including commercial, without compensation) in  ;case of non-compliance with the agreed norms and rules
  • check-in of cars involved in filming is carried out strictly according to lists not submitted by