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The A.P. Chekhov Museum-Reserve "Melikhovo" provides services for digital copying of objects, documents, photographs from its collection and provides rights for their use for the following purposes:

  • research;
  • exhibition and exhibition; 
  • for publication in various publications, including electronic resources (non-exclusive one-time right of use);

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For legal entity

A written request from a third-party customer must be issued in the form of a request from the organization addressed to the director of the museum-reserve A.P. Chekhov “Melikhovo” on the organization’s letterhead, signed by an authorized official of the organization.

The request must contain the following information:

  • Description of the subject of the collection, if known, then the collection numbers, in case of a request for image/s published in open sources, a link to their location (for their identification);
  • Purpose of using images (characteristics of the project and the significance of the requested rights and images for its implementation);

If used in a paper publication, please indicate: 

  • circulation of the publication;
  • territory of distribution of the publication;
  • languages of publication;
  • name, address and contact information of the publishing house;
  • planned publication date;

To use images of objects from the museum’s collection on electronic resources, you must indicate the exact address and location of the image on the resource; Name, address and contact information of the person responsible for the publication.

Applications are sent by email: fond@chekhovmuseum.com

For independent researcher

A written request from a third-party customer, if he is an independent researcher, must contain his full name, passport details, including registration, and contact information.

Applications are sent by email: fond@chekhovmuseum.com

Applications are considered individually in order of priority; services and rights to use are provided on the basis of contracts.

The Museum reserves the right to refuse to produce digital images of objects from its collection in the following cases:

  • unstable state of preservation of objects;
  • uniqueness of unpublished items (in the case of a request for copying from a third party or an independent specialist);
  • transfer of items when the person in charge changes;
  • conducting a verification of the availability of collection items;
  • issuance of an item from the museum collection for temporary storage (for exhibition, exposition, restoration, etc.);
  • when the interpretation of an object from the museum's collection in a proposed publication could damage the image of the museum.