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«Lilac lace of spring»

«Lilac lace of spring»


Age limit:



45 minutes


A.P. Chekhov Museum-Reserve «Melikhovo»

The time of the event:

From April to May

Additional information:

The program is designed for a group of 15 to 20 people

upcoming event

No upcoming events


The main sign of spring is birds and lilacs blooming! How pleasant it is to inhale its fragrance! Do you know where this beautiful shrub comes from? Come to our class and you will get the answer to this question. And you will also find out what artists, poets and musicians praised lilacs in their works! To keep a memory of your spring visit to our museum, you will be able to paint a small wooden leaf with colours, which will turn into a unique souvenir as a result of your creativity.


You can sign up by phone 8 (499) 941-03-13, or leave a request by clicking on the "Submit a request" button. You will receive a reply at the email address you provided.

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