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«Every hut has its own toys»

«Every hut has its own toys»


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45 minutes


A.P. Chekhov Museum-Reserve «Melikhovo»

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The program is conducted for parents with children

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6+, parents with children

Let's look back and remember our cloudless childhood, where there was no place for boredom, monotony and fuss, where games and entertainment occupied all our free time. Unfortunately, in the age of gadgets, people have begun to forget folk games, although their rules are quite fascinating and interesting.

The game accompanies mankind throughout its history, because people liked to have fun at all times. In Russia there were about three thousand games. It is even hard to imagine it! The participants of the programme will learn the rules of games: tag, bingo, "fleas in a ploshka", "kalechinu-malechinu" and many others. They are filled with humour, jokes and competitive spirit.

The class is sure to inspire children and their parents and provide new ideas for family fun.

The programme is conducted for parents with children


You can make an appointment by calling: 8 (905) 781-29-10 or 8 (499) 941-03-13 (Tue-Sun from 10.15 to 16.45) or by leaving your application by clicking on the "Send a request" button, you will be answered by email as soon as possible.