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General rules


The museum is open to the public all year round. The opening hours for receiving visitors are determined by order of the museum in accordance with the summer and winter schedule. The museum is closed to visitors on Monday and the last Friday of the month (sanitary day).

Entrance to the territory and halls of the museum is carried out by visitors upon presentation of an entrance ticket.

Any activity that causes damage to the museum, objects of flora and fauna, historical and cultural heritage, or that contradicts the goals and objectives of the museum is not allowed in the museum buildings and on the museum territory.

Excursion activities in the museum halls are carried out by museum guides. Excursion visits are organized  by pre-ordering a tour by phone or on the day of your visit.

Visitors are prohibited from:

  1. Bring into the halls:
    1. melee and firearms;
    2. large bags, packages and other hand luggage;
    3. food products;
    4. flammable, explosive and toxic substances.
  2. Guide pets into the territory and walk them.
  3. Smoking and making fires, burning dry leaves and grass, using any fire-hazardous means and devices.
  4. Enter the territory in a drunken state, in soiled clothes, carry and drink alcoholic beverages, including low-alcohol ones.
  5. Litter the territory with household and other waste, litter the water and the coastal area of ponds, sunbathe, swim in reservoirs, fish, have picnics on the territory of the museum.
  6. Walk on lawns, flower beds and green areas not intended for walking, causing damage to flower beds and green spaces.
  7. Bring into the territory and use bicycles, scooters, skateboards and roller skates, skis and sleds outside the designated areas (in winter).
  8. Conduct unauthorized group excursions for visitors, including those with the participation of travel companies.
  9. Create situations that threaten exhibits and interfere with the movement of visitors and excursion groups.
  10. Touch museum exhibits and display cases in which they are located, with the exception of items located in interactive areas;
  11. Use mobile phones in the museum halls.
  12. Talk loudly, shout, run around the halls.

If you find suspicious items, packages, bags or other things left on the premises of the museum, visitors should immediately notify caretakers, security representatives or other museum employees.

Persons who violate the procedure established by these Rules may be removed by museum security officers from the territory of the museum and its branches, and if there are grounds for this, they may be detained and taken to the internal affairs bodies of the Russian Federation.

The museum's security and security staff have the right to check the availability of tickets, carry out control of visitors and hand luggage, both visually and using metal detectors.

The museum's territory, premises and exhibitions are monitored by video cameras.

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