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flying ship

The premiere of the play “The Flying Ship,” based on the Soviet cartoon of the same name, took place on April 12, 2023 in the middle group of the Melikhovo children’s theater studio. This is a fairy-tale musical about Ivan, Princess Zabava, the hedgehog grandmothers, the merman, the Tsar and Polkan. The performance features favorite songs from the cartoon, a lot of dancing and magic.

The tsar-father wants to marry Princess Zabava to his rich boyar Polkan. But Zabava does not want to marry Polkan, because she does not love him, and he does not love her. Polkan only needs the tsar’s personal connections to increase his wealth and the status of heir to the throne. A simple chimney sweep, Vanya, falls in love with Fun. The love turns out to be mutual. Vanya, in order to rescue Zabava, proposes to build a flying ship. Many adventures and trials await Ivan ahead, but in the fairy tale goodness wins again!

The performance “The Flying Ship” turned out to be truly musical, danceable, colorful and bright!

My unknown friend

The premiere of the play “My Unknown Friend” in a group of amateur actors took place on the 150th anniversary of the great Russian composer S.V. Rachmaninov - April 1, 2023.

“The Unknown Friend” is a very short story by Ivan Bunin, written from the perspective of a woman who, after reading the writer’s story in a magazine, begins to write him messages. A woman falls in love with the prose, and then with the man himself, whom she has never seen in her life and largely invented for herself. In a month, without receiving a single answer, she lives her whole life. The work is based on the story of Natalia Esposito, who, while in exile, begins to write to Bunin and, unlike the heroine of the story, receives response messages. Our performance, like Bunin’s story, is a story not about the relationship between two specific people, but about what happens to a person when he wholeheartedly falls in love with a work of art - a work that excites, turns everything around in him and stays with the person for a long time , sometimes for life. 

The main musical design of the performance was the works of S. Rachmaninov: “Elegy”, “Do not sing the beauty in front of me”, “Spring Waters”, “In the Silence of the Secret Night”. At the same time, the music in the play is not a background, but a full-fledged character: musical excerpts performed by Dmitry Glukhov not only complement the text, but also introduce new shades into the narrative. The performance turned out to be very musical and dynamic!

Dunno and his friends

The book about the travels of Dunno and his friends, written by Igor Nosov, has become a children's classic for many generations. The premiere of the play “Dunno and His Friends” based on this wonderful book took place on March 22, 2023. The funny, incredible and truly multifaceted world of short characters will be remembered not only by children, but also by adults. The main character, Dunno, is a dreamer who invariably finds himself in adventures and funny situations, and his kindness and dreaminess make these stories sincere and fun. The play is performed by the smallest actors from our children's theater studio "Melikhovo".

Shall we play Chekhov?

The play “Shall we play Chekhov?” based on eight stories by A.P. Chekhov “Lawyer”, “Groom”, “Mysterious Nature”, “Angry Boy”, “Vanka”, “Joke”, “Joy”, “Nerves” begins with a short prologue. The girls really want to record a video of their performance in order to send this video to the competition; they ask the only boy in their group, Ivan, to help them with this, but he is against it. Despite all of Ivan's excuses and resistance, the girls still manage to persuade him to play at least one story, but instead of just one, Ivan plays all 8 of Chekhov's stories. The premiere of the play took place on April 26, 2023 in the senior group of the Melikhovo children's theater studio.

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