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«Chekhov Studio» Theatre of the A.P. Chekhov «Melikhovo» Museum-Reserve

The play «Bench». «Chekhov Studio» Theatre of the A. P. Chekhov «Melikhovo» Museum-Reserve
Interview with the performers of the play «Bench» as part of the «Lipetsk Theatre Meetings» theatre festival
Incredible adventures of foreigners in Russia
A critic's view
«Stand Up на скамейке»
Theatrical open-air

Melikhovskaya Spring Festival

Serpukhov City Theater – participant of the Melikhovskaya Spring Festival
In the museum of Chekhov's estate, the Melikhovskaya Spring Festival
Report of NTV Melikhovskaya spring-2023
Diary of the XXII International Theater Festival "Melikhovskaya Spring"
Chekhov and his women: a theater festival has opened in Melikhov, where everyone will tell about the classics
The theater from Tyumen performed on the Serpukhov stage as part of the Melikhovskaya Spring Festival
Melikhovskaya spring-2019
THIS NEEDS TO BE SEEN BY #004. Melikhovskaya spring - 2019
The Melikhovskaya Spring festival started in the Moscow region
Waiting for Chekhov
Theater season
St. Petersburg Seagull
Chekhov gave jazz!
A special Seagull
Festival at the start
Passion for the cherry orchard
From the Urals with the "Seagull"
Theatrical spring in Melikhovo
SPECIAL REPORT. (Theatrical holidays) 22.05.13
Sergey Fedotov and the Theater At the Bridge in Melikhovo opened mysticism in Chekhov's Chaika!
How Chekhov's "Seagull" arrived in Melikhovo from Berlin
Театральный фестиваль «Мелиховская весна» прошел в Подмосковье
Прямой разговор. Мелиховская весна 2024
"Вишневый сад" в постановке Мотои Миура открыл "Мелиховскую весну"
"Мелиховская весна" началась в музее-заповеднике Чехова
Режиссер Мотои Миура – о спектакле "Вишневый сад"
«Мелиховская весна» стартовала японской версией «Вишневого сада» 16+ 266 просмотров 18 дней назад 5


The story «White-faced». Read children
"Grew into Chekhov."
A million for the «Seagull»
Find yourself in Chekhov's works
To the museum after school
He's gone, but he's still in our hearts
I choose Chekhov
Life in stamps
The stone of history is the stone of the future