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«The world through the eyes of the soul»

«The world through the eyes of the soul»


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45 minutes


A.P. Chekhov Museum-Reserve «Melikhovo»

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The program is designed for a group of 15 to 20 people

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This activity is designed specifically for people with visual impairments.

Our guests will plunge into the world of Melikhov village life: they will get acquainted with household items; they will try to identify the spices that the Chekhov family used to cook their dishes by smell; they will listen to the story of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov with "bird" comments. At the end of the meeting, the participants of the class will create their own little masterpiece that will remind them of the time spent in Melikhov.


You can make an appointment by calling: 8 (905) 781-29-10 or 8 (499) 941-03-13 (Tue-Sun from 10.15 to 16.45) or by leaving your application by clicking on the "Send a request" button, you will be answered by email as soon as possible.