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«Chalkboards, chalk and fountain pens are essential learning tools!»

«Chalkboards, chalk and fountain pens are essential learning tools!»


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45 minutes


A.P. Chekhov Museum-Reserve «Melikhovo»

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The program is designed for a group of 15 to 20 people

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Once in Melikhov, you should definitely visit the memorial school built by A.P. Chekhov more than 120 years ago.

You will see a gallery of faces and fates of teachers and pupils, a teacher's flat, a spacious, bright classroom with large windows. For especially inquisitive children of secondary school age we offer an interactive lesson where they will decide whether it is more convenient to write with chalk on the blackboard, fountain pens or ballpoint pens. But they will have to solve problems with the help of an abacus and counting. Now every maths lesson at school starts with "Gymnastics of the Mind". The class will show how strong modern schoolchildren are in oral counting. All children who have successfully practised will receive a small souvenir.



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