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«Writer's Kitchen»

«Writer's Kitchen»


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45 minutes


A.P. Chekhov Museum-Reserve «Melikhovo»

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"The Writer's Kitchen" is a new interactive exposition addressed to Chekhov's readers and all those in whom the spirit of a researcher lives or the creative spirit beats, to all those who at least once asked the question "How does a writer work"?

How did the writer Chekhov work? What did his creative well-being depend on? What time of year, what weather, what time of day did the writer work best? What writing habits did Anton Pavlovich have and why did some of them puzzle the people around him? How did the novice writer Antosha Chekhonte work on his manuscripts, and how did the famous writer Anton Chekhov? What did Chekhov's famous notebooks look like, what and how did he write in them, and where did unused notes disappear to? Why are there almost no drafts in the writer's archive? Did Chekhov have writing phobias? Did Chekhov really give much literary advice? Finally, is it possible to "bake" a story the Chekhov way, and what does it take?

You will find the answers to these and other questions in our new literary exposition.


You can make an appointment by calling: 8 (905) 781-29-10 or 8 (499) 941-03-13 (Tue-Sun from 10.15 to 16.45) or by leaving your application by clicking on the "Send a request" button, you will be answered by email as soon as possible.